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Project: The Governors Medical Tower, Huntsville, Alabama
Fabricator: FABARC Steel Fabrication
All Bracing Connection Design by Sami Engineering, Inc.

  • Connection Design for entire Project: Sami Engineering is providing complete steel connections design for entire project with full responsibility and also providing engineering calculations with PE Stamp.
  • Missing Connection Design for a Project:Sami Engineering is providingmissing connections design for a project which is not clearly shown in the contract documents, bracing connections design, plates and weld size with full responsibility and providing engineering calculations with PE Stamp.
  • Steel Stairs and Handrails Design: Sami Engineering is providing complete Stairs and its supporting system, connections design, Monumental Complex Stairs design, Curved Stairs, Handrails, Guardrails, ladders with Cage, etc.
  • Steel Truss Design:We provide calculations for truss end connections, Skywalks, roof assemblies, splice design, three dimensional connections, etc.
  • Instant Solution for Field Problems: Missing embeds, replace Anchor bolts with epoxy anchors, Hilti, etc., dimensional discrepancies, issues on constructability, unique situations, etc.
  • Industrial Structures Design:Sami Engineering provide analysis and design ofIndustrials structures, elevated platforms, pipe supporting bridges, bracing, stairs, ladders, guard rails, etc.
  • Commercial Building Design: Sami Engineering is providing complete design for Commercial Buildings, Shopping Malls, Schools, Churches, Gas stations, Canopies, etc.