Sami Engineering, INC.

Desciplines Of The Sami Engineering

There are details of our Disciplines

Structural Steel Detailing

Our steel detailers and checkers can provide a wide variety of SDS/2 and CAD detailing services to steel fabricators and erectors.

  • Advance Bill of Materials
  • Anchor Bolts plan, details, and list of Anchor Bolts
  • Concrete and masonry Embed plans and details
  • Erection plans and sections redrawn
  • Shop dwgs for Beams, Columns, Bracings
  • Shop dwgs for Trusses and plate girders
  • List of Shop Bolts and Field Bolts
  • Lintels plans and details
  • Deck support angles, Kicker angles, Brick shelf angles

Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

  • Detail of Stairs, Handrails, Guardrails, Wall-rails
  • Ladder with or without cage, Elev. Pit ladder
  • Gates, Bollards, Dock Leveler frames
  • Gratings, Cat-walk
  • Roof Opening Frames, Roof Top Units

Connection Design & PE Stamp

Design of all kinds of Connections and Professional Engineer’s (P.E.) certification / stamp

  Bridge Detailing

  • Welded Plate Girders, Box Girders, Curved bridges, Truss Bridges, etc.
  • Links and Hangers, Shop and field splice, Expension joints & Embeds
  • Bearing – sliding, Rolling expansion
  • Elastomeric, Bearing pin connection
  • Diaphragm details, Bent plates, Lateral gusset plates, Crossframing, etc.

Structural Engineering

Analysis, design, and specifications of steel, concrete and timber structures, and
foundations based on AISC, ACI, TCM, UBC, Standard Building Code, etc.

  • Single and multi-story structures for  residential, commercial, industrial buildings
  • New Structures, Renovation and addition to existing facilities
  • Design of Parking Structures, Marine Structures
  • Design of Chimneys, Towers & Transmission Poles Structures
  • Truss Bridges, Pipe/walkway Bridges
  • Platforms, Catwalks, Truss Towers, Pipe support system for industries
  • Monorail/2-way Crane support Systems, Machine Foundations, etc.
  • Retaining Walls, Sheet piles, Foundations on difficult soil, etc.