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Sami Engineering was established in
1992 in Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Currently we are heavily involved in Steel Detailing.

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Sami Engineering has License on both 3D Software



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Sami Engineering is the Fabricator's Engineer.

Delegated Design, Engineering Calculation & PE Stamp.

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Sami Engineering is providing Connection Design

Stairs & Misc. Steel Design, Instant Solution for Field Problems

Sami Engineering, Inc.

Sami Engineering Inc. is a Structural Engineering firm currently working with Steel Fabricators for delegated design of Steel Connections, Stairs and Misc. steel design, fix instant field problems during construction and submit calculations with PE Stamps. We are mainly involved in Structural and Architectural Misc. Steel Detailing; and Bridge detailing. We are using 3-D software, and licenses for both SDS/2 and  TEKLA.  We are registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Missouri, Kansas and California.

We Provide 

  1. Fast Proposals: We provide quotes with lump sum pricing, usually within 24 hours.

  2. Comprehensive Calculations with PE Stamp: We provide comprehensive custom written calculations to cover any detail or complex connections, stairs and handrails design, Architectural and Structural Misc. items design for Commercial and Industrial structures.
  3. Professional Engineer (PE) License: We are professionally registered in 15 States of USA, and we are in the process of getting licensees in the rest of the states of USA
  4. Steel Detailing with 3-D Modeling: Depends on customer needs, shop setup we could provide SDS/2 Model or Tekla Structures Model.
  5. Experienced Engineers and Steel detailers: We have been in the business for over 25 years, and successfully completed several hundreds of projects nationwide.
  6. Prompt Service:  Our typical projects are completed within few weeks.
  7. Full Insurance Coverage: We carry professional liability insurance.
  8. Our Engineers and detailers work 24 hrs.: we have offices set up in Bangladesh and India with 12 hrs, time difference with USA our Engineers, Steel Detailers and supporting personals are working round the clock in a global market.

Structural design

Sami Engineering is providing all kind of
Connections Design, Stairs and Handrails Design, Architectural and Structural Misc.
Steel Design, Instant solution for field Problems, and supporting Calculations
with PE Stamp.

SDS/2 Detailing

Sami Engineering is providing all kind
of Steel detailing for Commercial Buildings and for Industrial Buildings, Steel Bridges, Roof Top Unit frame, CNC files if needed, automated verification of
SDS/2  connection design capacity. Entire detailing will be done under the direct
supervision of a Professional Engineer (PE) of the same state of the project.

Tekla Detailing

Sami Engineering is also providing all
kind of Steel detailing for Commercial Buildings and for Industrial Buildings
if customer needs Tekla setup, CNC files, BIM information. Details of Stairs,
Monumental Stairs, Curve Stairs, Handrails, Detailing of Structural and
Architectural Misc. items, Canopy, Ships Ladder, Roof Ladder, Screen Wall,
Dumpster Gate, Bollards, etc.